A team-building trip out of the city is indeed a much-needed opportunity for everyone in your organizations to unwind after the long hard-working days. Moreover, it is undeniable that a trip like this will foster the harmony between the members, leading to improvement at work.

Given that Vam Ho’s landscape is various with river, pond, jungle, garden and lawn, we are able to hold a large number of team-building games.

What is more, we can guarantee that with our experienced game hosts, your organisation will have a memorable time full of laughter.

  • Boat racing
  • Balancing on money bridge
  • Spiderman crossing the river
  • Tilt-walking relay
  • Tug of war
  • Delivering water with lotus leaves
  • Golden water
  • The hundred-knot bamboo tree
  • Protecting the eggs
  • War zone

And more than 30 other exciting team-building games.